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Thanks for playing

Sally was found in 17 minutes, which thrills me to the extent that I wonder why I haven’t tried to get others involved in the hiding dolls for me before now.

The SDCC clue:

Found in what may prove to be record time by stuht

Thank you!

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Find Sally: San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con art hunt Candice Tripp sally doll

Sally #52

From what I’ve heard of Comic-Con, next to nobody will have time to pee let alone keep an eye out for a 6″ high doll, but supposing you just happen to see her, she’s yours.

The clue is likely to drop this Friday, so watch my instagram feed for immediate information, or this here blog for belated, slightly delayed information.

If I’m being realistic I’m half expecting her to get trampled or swept away. But that’s okay. It’s part of the fun (for me).

Brad of earlier skull related blog posts has kindly offered to do this for me (thanks, Brad!) I won’t actually be there myself, but if you are, I hope you have an excellent time.

photo credit: Sam Brown Photography

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Find Sally: London

If it were me and I was watching someone hide things for a hunt, I’d assume that if I were to get to any given location on time, that whatever was hidden would be long gone. Especially in London, where there always seems to be someone around, day or night.

With that in mind, I hid the second Sally doll completely out of sight.

After taking down the show I had a day left before leaving London and fuckall in the way of cute ideas of where to place it. Also, I wouldn’t be able to pop back to see if it had been taken or not.

The Newcastle* doll was in plain sight and there for anyone to take, but after hearing about the effort some people went to to track it down, I decided to give the instagrammers who were game for a hunt a fighting chance against passers-by who aren’t afflicted with auto-guilt and the sense that the world might be watching them as they pick up and pocket something half appealing that appears to be going unclaimed by anyone.

I mean, that’s sort of the point. But this time, I felt like doing it differently. If you couldn’t tell, I’m making this up by the second.

Anyway, I shared the exact location with instagram and quietly wondered if anyone could be bothered to mission to Islington for some idle time wasting.

I was shocked and stoked when unbelievably, a photo of it was shared 30 minutes after I finished stuffing it in the ivy crawling up a wall in St mary’s Church Garden.

Thanks for playing and thank you especially to Daniel Baker who found Sally and emailed to say “Cheers Candice. Think I pulled my back out running up angel stairs” which charmed the shit out of me.

Find Sally in London, Candice Tripp

Find Sally in London, Candice Tripp

Find Sally, London, Candice Tripp

Find Sally

* still no sign of the Newcastle Doll. Ideal Brown took me back to the spot where he left it and it’s not there, not surround it. Gone. Someone must have taken it (which makes me really happy)

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Find Sally: the start

Anyone following my twitter or instagram or facebook (Christ) feed will have seen that I abandoned a Sally doll for Ideal Brown to plant in Newcastle two weeks ago.

She had abnormally large hands and awkward as she was, was without a place in the show. She also had a mask that didn’t seem fair to waste and anyway, it’s not so much that her Mickey Mouse club mitts were off-putting to me – they just didn’t fit in.

I started modelling with epoxy in late February when Giles and I had first started to discuss the show. I didn’t set out with a lot of firm direction but rather the idea that whatever I made, I wanted to do in great quantities…or any many as I could muster before September (and then November, after we decided we needed more time). Naturally, the first few dolls have a few more pronounced abnormalities than the others.

So. Sally #7 was left in Newcastle, for Newcastle, because I live here and so do lots of other people and I thought that since this big thing was going on for me in London, I could at least leave a little thing in Newcastle.

She was left in Jesmond Dene, at the ruined banqueting hall – all thanks and kudos to Ideal Brown for missioning down there, finding a non-threatening spot (for dogs and tots who tend to choke on the things they find lying around) to leave the doll.

Sally #7 in Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne, Candice Tripp

Sally #7 in Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne, Candice Tripp

Sally #7 in Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne, Candice Tripp

Sally #7 in Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne, Candice Tripp

Sally #7 in Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne, Candice Tripp

Anyway, she’s gone now (I checked) and I’ve decided to drop another. At the suggestion of a few people on instagram, it will be in a different city – this time London as I’m there to take down the show next Friday – although I haven’t a brow-scratching clue where the fuck to leave her.

While I like the idea of a Sally doll being plucked up and taken home by a passer-by, I’d prefer for one of the people actually following and looking for her to get lucky. It would be nice to find out where it ends up too.

It, her, whatever.

So if you find a Sally, give me a shout. Let me know where she now lives so I can sign and number her card and send it along.

Also: thanks for playing.


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