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Houses of Horror Book feedback

houses feedback

I had no intention of making a book until so many people said they wanted one

I looked into self-publishing. As it turns out, books are really expensive to make. Really, quite surprisingly expensive.

If you’re interested in buying a book, please fill out the form below;

I’m going to use this to gauge interest in the project so, if you want a book, please say so.

Otherwise I’ll assume there’s not very much interest and will put the idea to bed.

(I’m not doing a zine, I’m not doing prints, I’m not supplying high res files for people to print out, but thank you all for your suggestions)

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Happy Halloween!

31 houses AND A DAY OFF!

Thank you to everyone who followed and shared the houses. I’ve had so much fun with this.

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Houses of Horror go on sale this Friday



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Houses of Horror – Series 2

In 2014 I blundered through painting as many (and yet not daily) houses of horror as I could.

This year I’ve decided to nail 31 houses. I think I should’ve perhaps established some rules for myself, but I went and painted a bungalow with all the aesthetic vigour of a briefly worn athletic sock left next to the bath, so my reasoning varies greatly.

Still; although I used up most of the classic 70′ titles last year, I’ve found that there’s still plenty to get excited about.

I’m having a lot of fun. Even with the chronic eye strain headaches.

You can get the daily post on Instagram and I’ll try to update this post as regularly as I can in between sweating it over getting the next house finished…

~click the images to view them larger~

House 31: the Black Bramford, Rosemary’s Baby
rosemasys baby

House 30: Auntie’s house, House

House 29: The Stewart house, The Others
the others

House 28: Rose’s apartment building, Inferno

House 27: The lake house, Funny Games
funny games

House 26: Mushnik’s Flower Shop, The Little Shop of Horrors

Houses 25: 284 Green Street, Enfield

House 24: Allerdale Hall, Crimson Peak
crimson peak

House 23: Buffalo Bill’s house, Silence of the Lambs
silence of the lambs

House 22: The fortified mansion, 28 Days Later
28 days laters

House 21: Hill House, The Haunting
the haunting

House 20: The Brooklyn brownstone, The Sentinel

House 19: H. H. Holmes’ Murder Castle

House 18: The Marsten house, Salem’s Lot
salems lot

House 17: The Danvers State Hospital, Session 9

House 16: The Cotton house, Hellraiser – 187 Dollis Hill Lane, NW2

House 15: The Freeling house, Poltergeist

House 14: Let The Right One In
let the right one in

House 13: Rambla de Catalunya, 34, Rec

House 12: The Yankee Pedlar Inn, the Innkeepers

House 11: Pi Kappa Sigma sorority house, Black Christmas
black christmas

House 10: The Davison home, You’re Next
youre next

House 9: The Vankek house, The Babadook

House 8: Sarah’s house, À l’intérieur

House 7: The White house, Carrie

House 6: Stu Macher’s house, Scream

House 5: Jay’s house, It Follows
it follows

House 4: Annie Wilkes’ house, Misery (I can’t even guess how many paintings have been finished to the tune of this audiobook)

House 3: The Blair Witch’s unlovely heap
blair witch

House 2: Hansel and Gretel, the 2007 version by Pil-sung Yim
hansel and gretel

House 1: The school bus driver’s house, Trick R Treat

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House(s) for Sale

Candice Tripp art for sale

I’m doing it! A few people have asked, so I’ve decided to put the houses of horror up for sale on my bigcartel shop for Halloween weekend.

All are originals, gouache on illustration board, 10″ x 12″.

If you don’t want to wait, drop me a line at

Midday Oct 31st – midnight Nov 2nd, GMT

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Houses of Horror

Every time I do this sort of thing I know I’m taking another step away from the paintings I like and want to work on, but screw it; it’s horror month. I have until October 31st to revel in The Houses.

I’m pretty sure I’ll run out of steam, but semi-regular updates are happening on instagram.

all gouache on board, 10″ x 12″

House 29: The Bates House, Psycho
Psycho house, by Candice Tripp

House 28: The House on Hanover Square
House on Hanover Square

“House” 27: The Wicker Man
The Wicker Man by Candice Tripp

House 26: The Innocents
The Innocents by Candice Tripp

House 25: The Gein house, burned down in 1958
The Gein house, by Candice Tripp

House 24: The Stanley Hotel, inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining
The Stanley Hotel, by Candice Tripp

House 23: The Overlook Hotel, The Shining
The Overlook Hotel, by Candice Tripp

House 22: A Tale of Two Sisters
A Tale of Two Sisters house, by Candice Tripp

House 21: The MacNeil house, The Exorcist
The Exorcist house, by Candice Tripp

House 20: The orphanage, The Devil’s Backbone
The Devil's Backbone, by Candice Tripp

House 19: The DeFeo house, The Amityville Horror
Amityville Horror house, by Candice Tripp

House 18: The Orphanage
The Orphanage, by Candice Tripp

House 17: Count Orlok’s house, Nosferatu
Nosferatu by Candice Tripp

House 16: The Maitland house, Beetlejuice
Beetlejuice house by Candice Tripp

House 15: Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Texas Chainsaw Massacre house by Candice Tripp

House 14: Nancy’s house, A Nightmare On Elm Street
A nightmare on elm street, Candice Tripp

House 13: Stephen King’s house, Bangor Maine
Stephen King's house, Candice Tripp

House 12: The lighthouse, The Fog
The Fog, Candice Tripp

House 11: Pet Sematary
Pet Sematary house, by Candice Tripp

House 10: The Omen
The Omen, Candice Tripp

House 9: Let’s Scare Jessica To Death
Let's Scare Jessica To Death house, Candice Tripp

House 8: The Changeling
The Changeling, Candice Tripp

House 7: House of the Devil
House of the Devil, Candice Tripp

House 6: The Perron house, The Conjuring
The Conjuring, Candice Tripp

House 5:Suspiria’s Academy of Freiburg/Haus Zum Walfisch
Suspiria, Candice Tripp

House 4: Ils
Ils, Candice Tripp

House 3: the Myers house, Halloween
Halloween, Candice Tripp

House 2: The school house in Bodega Bay, The Birds
The Birds, Candice Tripp

House 1: The Evil Dead cabin
Evil Dead cabin, Candice Tripp

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