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Ever since first seeing combination prints on the Jealous website, I’ve been wanting to produce my own.

We’ve been splitting hairs every inch of the way on this one and I think it really paid off. There was a lot of “more white” and “less raspberry” among other such non-specific requests. What we finally have is a giclee print with (you guessed it) with black elements screen printed over the top.

As usual we’re also releasing a hand finished edition of 25, which have hand applied 24 carat gold leaf detail (I can’t get my head around the carat factor) along with some trademark gold ink work.


On the topic of giclee prints and whether or not they’re too sterile (or BRILLIANT – my opinion) you need only glance sideways at an art forum to see that lots of people either hate them as if they were made with the blood of sacrificial human babies or just calmly agonise over how they’re different to “just running one off on my ink jet at home” which is a totally reasonable thing to think – for those still wondering, I found this to be really interesting; it’s a break down of what goes into a Josh Keyes giclee print.

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coming soon: Giclée + Screen combination print

Candice Tripp giclee screen combination print available from Black Rat Projects

This week we’re proofing the print that will be available soon from my fine handlers at Black Rat Projects. You can sign up to their mailing list here to get the latest updates.

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heads up on christmas orders

All UK print orders placed by 2pm on December 21st will be posted in time to arrive by Christmas.

Candice Tripp Christmas

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Prints released today!

They’re available from Black Rat Projects. See them here.

This Will Hurt Tomorrow detail

The nitty gritty:

Edition of 65, signed and numbered
12 colours on Somerset Satin Paper 300gsm
85 x 87 cm

Edition of 20, Hand-finished in gold ink, signed and numbered

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Work in progress video

I somehow knew that this painting was going to be a bastard.

For whatever reason, it just didn’t want to happen. Even although it’s now safely tucked away at Black Rat, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that a fraction of their ceiling fell in the same day an external drain flooded and unluckily tore through one single piece of art. This one.

I stumbled over it even before I even began, really. In fact the prints, which should have arrived at the gallery yesterday, may well have suffered some unlikely misfortune and could be getting soiled, sodden, burnt or most like “terribly bent” at this very second.

Anyway. Stumbling blocks aside, this is more or less how it came to be.

Song: Mother by Blonde Redhead.

Details of the edition to follow.

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Heart-Shaped balloon

Since a few people have asked, I thought it would be worth mentioning that I’m happy to hand finish more of the *prints, with or without heart-shaped balloons for £135.

*I’ve exhausted my reserve of black Klaus prints, but the brown are good to go.

heart balloon lithograph

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blame geronimo!

I pulled another lithograph from my to-one-day-hand-finish reserve and upon it I scrawled a heart-shaped balloon.


I can’t help but feel that it would go down better if we weren’t flirting with Valentine’s Day, but we are- anyway, it’s off to someone who likes heart shaped balloons probably as much as I do and the person who’s buying it for her seems to think she’ll like it AND on that note, I hope she doesn’t read my blog and see it before she receives it…

Anyway, I can’t be blamed: I’ve been glued to Geronimo!’s instagram and twitter feed and my passing “aw, those are lovely” feeling has turned into a borderline sulk that I don’t have one of those tassel’d balloons keeping me company all day long.

geronimo balloon

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Win a print. england is so hot right now

Today marks my first year as a real British Citizen.

For six years I had to fill out forms to keep my place in the country, which also meant I always had to have a job to quash any indication that I would ever just lie on my back and suckle on England’s great teat, which meant being fully self employed would have made things difficult for me.

So, celebrating one year of being legal and 9 months of being a full time artist means giving something away; specifically one of the prints I produced on my recent course:

Blind Kitten with a Chelsea SmileI'm a bunny

Anyone who “likes” this picture (my crown pin, given to me wrapped in Beano pages by my mom) on the Candice Tripp facebook page will go into a random draw. The winner can choose which of my inexpertly produced screen prints they get. I’ll draw a winner on Sunday.

"like" this on facebook to win a print

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Yeah Buddy Bunny

yeah buddy bunny tripp print
yeah buddy bunny candice tripp
Candice Tripp drawing

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Day two at nothern print

As predicted, my registration was out. Typically, the first two colours were fine (fine enough, I declare, for a first-timer) The third was a laugh.

The result reminds me of cheaply made children’s picture books from the 40’s, which is a look I happen to like, so things worked out okay. I don’t however, enjoy bullshiting myself so a perfect print would have been ultimately preferable.

Between Ideal Brown’s printing and my own, we each have an odd set:

3 colour hand-pulled screen prints on irregular paper; 4 on some somerset satin, 3 on an unknown brand of stock,
approximately 29 cm x 39 cm with partially deckled edges,
Edition of 0 given that the artist (sigh) never signed off on any of her proofs. What remains is 7 of each, marked as PPs because I suppose that’s exactly what they are.

I'm a Bunny, Candice Tripp prints
Candice Tripp print making
Candice Tripp course

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