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theres someone outside t breathing_chamber I think we are in way over our heads
mary_t roaysl fire_t flowers_close_t footsteps_t piece_t apparent_purpose_t "They Said to Wait Here and That They'd Be Right Back"


Something About the Grass Always being Greener


They're waiting "Hey! Are you okay?" It's okay, they don't have the wherewithal to lose hope What do you mean "Why did she do it?" ?
Jane thinks about the worst things she has ever said and peels off her skin "We wanted to help, but we were all nice and clean" Everything is lovely as long as you never want to leave

Bitch Thinks She's Special by Candice Tripp There Must Be Something In The Water by Candice Tripp They Took Care Of Things In Their Own Way by Candice Tripp She Just Sat There Holding Its Legs Open by Candice Tripp
The Past Is Everywhere by Candice Tripp "I Know You Fucked Him, Amy!" by Candice Tripp It All Works Somehow, In The End by Candice Tripp Stacey Sets About Killing Her Demons by Candice Tripp And Everyone Just Watched by Candice Tripp This Will Hurt Tomorrow by Candice Tripp They Call Him 'Faggot' by Candice Tripp
"Tell Me Where You Hid My Diaphragm, You Bitch" by Candice Tripp The Cookie Cutters by Candice Tripp "Just Ignore Them And Keep Walking" Candice Tripp

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2010 – 2011
"Can You Smell Burning?" thumbThe Floor In Harriet's Head Started To Tilt thumb They're Going To Eat Your Brains And Gain Your Knowledge thumb When Things Start To Fall Apart thumb

A Place To Put Tattletails thumb Accidents Will Happen thumb A Memorable Lesson In The Permanence of Asphyxia thumb Wearing A Jacket Doesn't Make Me A Biped thumb
A Moment Of Dark Surprise thumb Death Finds Chloe thumb The Honeytrap thumb In Frog She Trusts thumb
It Happened In The Night thumb Making Friends thumb There's Something The Matter With Nancy thumb Nice Like You thumb
The Last Known Whereabout Of Penny Stone thumb Poor Kids Share thumb Sometimes The Skullmonkeys Break Out thumb It's Time For Tea And Sycophancy thumb
The Luxury Of Being Left Alone For A Little Bit thumb I Want To Be Thin Like You thumbWhat Do I Want With Your Black Heart? thumbUnlicensed Ladybird Fighting thumb
Dangerous Games thumb "Do You Think Your Mom Will Notice?" thumb Giddy-Up thumb If Life Gives You Lemons, Sale To England thumb
If You Don't Wash Behind Your Ears thumb If You Keep Making That Face thumb If You Watch Too Much TV thumb Still Rocking thumb
Franny thumb Kitty thumb An Unfair Advantage thumbI've Also Got A Gun thumb
Still Rolling thumb Our Horrible Mistake thumb St James thumb The Escape thumb
Post-Op thumb Readied thumb The Rendezvous thumb Tara's Dead Now thumb
Tyronne Told Me To Do It thumb  Bobbing For Uglies thumb ...And One Day Blimp Cat Floated Away thumb The Patio thumb It's Not Nice To Mock The Disabled thumb