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give me some fucking carbs, man

I’m trying to crank out a few more drawings these days. You know, for the sake of progress. Really though, they only happen when I’m waiting for some paint to dry or stuck between audiobooks, listlessly moving the shit around on my desk. Jesus, that makes me as cranky as a guy in the 90’s who couldn’t get a clear picture on the telly during a sporting event.

Anyway. This is my favourite scrawl to date, right here. Think it trumps most of my canvases.

Kiki by Candice Tripp
Bread by Candice Tripp

Also, I’ve got a new print on the way. It’s early days right now, but it’s definitely a-go-go. To illustrate the current status: Black Rat Projects go “Hey, Candice, let’s do another print” and I go “Yeah, how about this?” and they go “Yeah, that would work” but really we sound more excited than that and then I go “alright cool, soon as it dries, it’s on the way” and then I get nervous excited.

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