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Heart-Shaped balloon

Since a few people have asked, I thought it would be worth mentioning that I’m happy to hand finish more of the *prints, with or without heart-shaped balloons for £135.

*I’ve exhausted my reserve of black Klaus prints, but the brown are good to go.

heart balloon lithograph

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blame geronimo!

I pulled another lithograph from my to-one-day-hand-finish reserve and upon it I scrawled a heart-shaped balloon.


I can’t help but feel that it would go down better if we weren’t flirting with Valentine’s Day, but we are- anyway, it’s off to someone who likes heart shaped balloons probably as much as I do and the person who’s buying it for her seems to think she’ll like it AND on that note, I hope she doesn’t read my blog and see it before she receives it…

Anyway, I can’t be blamed: I’ve been glued to Geronimo!’s instagram and twitter feed and my passing “aw, those are lovely” feeling has turned into a borderline sulk that I don’t have one of those tassel’d balloons keeping me company all day long.

geronimo balloon

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a little bit of what i’ve been up to

Mainly small sketches. I have to kill time while paint dries and to avoid actually watching it happen, I red-inked a lithograph for a friend.

hand finished lithograph

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