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Cape Town

I’m already wishing I could go back. Bug, bitten and all that shit.


Fishoek Beach, Cape Town@Oolex@viviancomaclose@candicetrippCape Town GardensClifton Beach Cape TownLyndally, Gillian and FayeUs girls, The Assembly Cape Town

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She’s a Rainbow

Candice's Craynons Lyndall's a rainbow
Candice Tripp Rainbow Pencils
She's A Rainbow, Candice Tripp

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My Clever Friends

Made this video together. Well, technically the credit role goes something like this:

Dusty Black Room – Simon Beeston, Highgrade Records, Visuals by Greg Spencer with Lyndall Spagnoletti and David Bowman.

I don’t know who Simon and David are, but I do know Greg (who I think is the guy behind the big idea) and Lyndall (the perrty girl that makes the big idea hot shit, or shit hot)

They were also the kiddiewinkles that made the video that was played at my solo show (Home is Where the Telly is) at Lazarides last November.These are clever people.

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“Home Is Where The Telly Is” solo show, Lazarides newcastle

The show is finally open. I had my Tripp-Support-Network along with the London-Division come along, which was so cool because I never expected anyone to travel for it.

Candice Tripp Home Is Where The Telly IsCandice Tripp Home Is Where The Telly IsCandice Tripp Home Is Where The Telly Is
Ideal Brown and I thought it would be lovely to have all my friends and family in one room, but I really didn’t get to talk to many of them at all. Even Mother and Father Brown came up and I was touched to hear them bollock the boy for not sending them my preview. I mean to come along AND be interested is sweet.

I also finally met Paul and Stuey; mint. And long overdue, so I probably rambled uncontrollably.

I’ve uploaded some photos, but more should be on the way. I also want to get the video up online.

Cheers to everyone who popped along. I really appreciate all the support and was chuffed to bits, if a bit scared and shaken up.

Lyndall and I walked home so we could see the night rabbits outside the library. On the way I got called a “fokken kont” for ignoring a bellowing drunk. At least she got a feel for the toon.

I’m so tired and relieved.

Here’s the installation video that played on a loop, all credit and thanks to the wodnerfully wonderful Lyndall Spagnoletti and Greg Spencer:

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