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Who cares if you let that skill fall away? Being an adult is all about deciding to colIect things that are entirely useless in your daily life, serving only to remind you of something you did or sort of had a passing acquaintance with in your youth. Or wish you did.

Like Graffiti. You tagged a phone box at the end of Robbie's street one time, right?

You can play Chopsticks on the piano, right? Get that baby grand! 

I don't actually know much about this, bar the fact that it was lovingly plaid to near death by its diminutive previous owner.

I mean, it's red and sort of shiny and I didn't knowingly have Mexico at the front of my mind when I started painting it, but it was definitely there by the time I finished up.

A million kid-germ impregnated fingerprints cleaned off and finished with enamel gloss.

55 x 17 x 6 cm