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The End + The Night House

هل تداول الاسهم شيء مربح يالا فوركس افضل مواقع تداول الذهب

نظر الفوركس الخيارات الثنائية تجريبي

jobba hemifrån mammaledig تجارة الذهب في الكويت سوق فوركس

اسهم بنك سامبا Here they are; the second batch of etchings from the Bones & Arrows suite.

اخبارسوق الأسهم السعوديه These will go up on sale at Souled Out Studios at 4pm GMT today.

شراء اسهم عن طريق الانترنت Big thanks for Beejoir and Wal (talented motherfucker of note) from Kalwit for producing such crispy pieces.

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Bones and Arrows

forex öppettider stockholm centralstation Available 4pm UK time, January 5th 2017

اسعار الذهب في The first three etchings from the Bones and Arrows collection are here.
Printed by hand at Kalwit Studios in the busy heat of Bangkok, these are the first of several small-plate etchings to be released this year.

bonus od brokera forex Editions of 50, signed and numbered

växla pengar uppsala forex For sale through Souled Out Studios

اخبار الذهب السعودية تداول الاسهم app

أربح أموالك الخاصة البنك العربي تداول الاسهم

Jump to the process photos

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Many minis on the way

Collect them, swap them, write your number on them and give them to girls – I’ve got several super small etchings on the way through Souled Out Studios in Bangkok.

There’s some narrative cohesion to the collection as a whole, but who I am to tell you that you need the whole story?

With that in mind we’re going to roll these out one by one in small limited editions. Jump on the SOS mailing list to be up to date with drop times, otherwise you might be spending your lunch breaks playing swapsies for The Monkey and I’d hate for anyone to have to give up their chocolate milk.

plate 01

plate 02

printing 01 printing 02

plate 03



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There’s a hole in the ground and it’s playing your song

hole in the ground

My latest etching is finally available! It took several months, two plates, three test proofs and a lot of cramping and it’s finally ready to release into the wild. Goldmark Atelier have been amazing at coaxing my picture out of the scratch-work.

Limited edition of 25
60.5cm x 67.5cm (inc border)
Somerset radiant white velvet 330gsm
click here to buy now

free shipping

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Bangkok 01: visiting Kalwit Studio with Beejoir

Wal cutting some plates

Wal cutting some plates

Beejoir's roof

Beejoir’s roof

~ ~ Back in the days of yore, February we called it, before the Long Weekend that is March, I visited Beejoir in Bangkok with a view to making some art with Souled Out Studios.

I met up with him last year, had a look at his rad home and rooftop studio and swiftly re-evaluated my life. I mean, do I like being cold? Why am I cold? I had to travel all the way to Bangkok to talk to a person’s face about art and galleries and buyers. You know, in a way that we were laughing and it wasn’t all worrying about saying the wrong thing. There’s no judgment when you’re sitting next to a dead snake in a jar while you messily cleave coconut flesh out the shell with your bare hands. At least, I hope not. How come I live all the way over here anyway? It’s wet and there aren’t any palm trees.

We decided it would be a good idea to work together. I like Beejoir and I’m boring, so it means he wouldn’t even have to babysit me that much.
I’d barely been home a minute before I was planning to head back.

When we finally met up, the plans to work on casting a Sally doll in bronze had started to accommodate etchings. Really small etchings on tiny plates with great, big, wide borders.

I was taken to Kalwit Studio and Gallery, introduced to Wal (and his coy mad genius topless dad) and was sent on holiday with a small parcel of copper plates to play with.

Things were off to a great start




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Surprise from Goldmark

Thanks again to Callum, who printed these without my knowing until almost a year later! It was a lovely surprise.

the cat

While I was as Goldmark Atelier last year, I got to try my had at etching- which is old news if you’ve followed me for more than two seconds. I made a simple etching; sweating a bit at having to think of an image and bully it out of the black fast and efficiently enough so that I didn’t clench with shame and crack invisible nuts with my ass cheeks every time I saw it get printed.

Candice Tripp etching process

black skeletons

red skeletons

I don’t know if I’d be as comfortable with the image if it didn’t symbolise pure relief on my part. I was though, so much so that when Jan put a very small plate in front of me and dared me to drypoint etch, I said “yeah, okay”.

I was warned that the headache inducing smallness of my regular detail would get lost as any stroke would more than likely feather out into thick, stark line. Not knowing what a middle ground is, I quickly executed a crudely drawn cat face and waited for its features to bleed, clown like, in the printing process.

Leaving, my thoughts were on my first ‘proper’ etching and so I forgot about it- until recently when I found a package from Goldmark. They’d made a small edition of 15 for me!

I was so pleased that I signed and numbered them, proper like.

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February News!

My first etching goes on sale tomorrow!
“I’m Coming Back Tomorrow To Look For More”
limited edition of 25
64.5cm x 70cm (inc border)
Somerset radiant white velvet 330gsm
Available Feb 5th from Black Rat Projects 11am GMT


I’m very pleased to say that I’ll have a new painting (above) in ’20 Years Under The Influence of Juxtapoz’ at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. The group show, which has been guest curated by Gary Pressman and Andrew Hosner, opens Feb 22.

Their Apparent Sense of Purpose Caused in Her an Uncharacteristic Moment of Restraint
30″ x 30″
oil and ink on canvas


My latest Horror House;
IT’ Sewer: The Barrens, Derry.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss any Horror House commission ideas.

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New print coming February 5th



“I’m Coming Back Tomorrow To Look For More”
limited edition of 25
64.5cm x 70cm (inc bigfatborder) – available from @blackratprojects on February 5th after you’ve all been paid and feel financially irresponsible again.

Many thanks to Ian, Jan and Callum at Goldmark Atelier for the wonderful work. THEY SMELL SO GOOD.

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Quickly, now; the next thing

Blasting big news or making a small utterance of personal importance on every avenue of social media starts to feel a bit contrived if only for the repetition, for me and for you; but to anyone who doesn’t follow me on instagram or who isn’t on my mailing list, I wanted to say thanks for the enthusiasm for the Houses of Horror.

It started out as something small and turned into a much bigger thing- I didn’t anticipate the response and want to say thank you because it made a little personal project a lot more fun than I ever thought it could be.

The month ran out sooner than my list of houses did- so if I don’t return to them immediately, there will definitely be more in the future. I didn’t forget Rosemary’s Baby, I swear.

Coming up are a few group shows and a very small print release. Also; my first ever merch drop (that sounds, like, dead casual, right? Because I’m frankly shitting my pants about it)

About a month ago (what day is it? How old am I?) Black Rat took me to Goldmark Print studio, to open my eyes/mind to other possibilities in the world repetitive mark-making. It was brilliant. Ian, Jan and Callum are deadly cool and a total breath of fresh air- their approach to inviting artists to their studio alleviates any sense of anxiety. Jan said simply “if you fuck up, don’t worry’ and I thought ‘these are my sort of people’.


So: next up is an etching. Here’s a photo of my first; the test. This isn’t the one we’ll be releasing, but is proof that I’ve tried this shit and absolutely love it- I haven’t yet decided which image to run with because, naturally, my desperation to do the best possible job has led to um, a blockage in the good-idea pipe. It has all of my attention right now and when it’s ready to go, Black Rat Projects will have all the details.

Candice Tripp etching

Candice Tripp etching process

2015 Group Show

In January I’ll have a piece in a show curated by Stephanie Chefas at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco. For updates, please sign up to my newsletter… or I guess, watch instagram.


Finally, I’ll be releasing a small run of silk scarves. They won’t be limited, but Jesus, investing in your own product is daunting and frankly, something I’ve decided to do primarily for myself (as opposed to…relying on for profit) because I’ve got more Want than Confidence when it comes to having A Product.

I’ll be using this to see ‘if anyone gives a shit’ and if they do, I’ll happily do more. They’re hand printed, hand rolled, 100% silk. The sample and following order took 4 months to happen. So yeah, a light silk scarf isn’t exactly seasonal, but I got there in the end.

Full details to follow soon.

Candice Tripp silk scarf

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Harriet and the Braddock Tiles Project – $45 prints

The Floor In Harriet's Head Started To Tilt, Candice Tripp Braddock Tiles

A print that I’ve long wanted to make but keeps falling between the cracks is finally available to buy, all thanks to Swoon’s Braddock Tiles Project.

The image, donated to the Braddock Tiles Project is one of many that has been used to create an edition of unsigned, very affordable prints in an effort to raise funds to turn an abandoned 1900’s church into a functioning micro-factory that will produce the very mosaic tiles that will be used to restore its roof – creating a cultural hub as well as jobs in North Braddock, Pennsylvania.

Edition details:

The Floor in Harriet’s Head Started to Tilt
Digital print on archival Canson Mi-Teintes paper
edition of 250
embossed by Braddock Tiles

I’m so happy to have even the tiniest connection to the project. Everything starts to feel very meaningless if you can’t make some good happen. Also – I have to admit, I never thought I’d see this print made.

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