Dates of Note


Heads up! Anyone wanting goodies to arrive in time for Christmas (UK) please get your order in by the end of December 21st.

If we’re already talking via~the~email about a project, don’t worry- you’re wedged firmly in my diary. I’m not dropping my crayons and running off until the 29th, so I’ll be in touch.

My big cartel store will be closed from December 22nd – January 19th 2015.
I’m taking a holiday.

Thank you for all of your support! x

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House Commissions


We bought a house. For the last month we’ve been systematically gutting it as quickly as we can in an effort to remove every last trace of the generations of young adults who previously lived there. The great thing about students is that they neglect a formerly decent property to the point of making it nearly affordable to two self employed assholes.

The only downside is all the fixing-up that needs to be done.

We’ve been racing the calendar to get in before Christmas- no, before December 22nd, the day my mom arrives for Christmas. A nice relaxing Christmas, with me, Ideal Brown, two cats and a bucket in the garden to wee in. (it has a garden!)

There’s no bathroom or light or proper electricity, so I painted a version with all of those things. As things stand we have 6 days to make it liveable and move in.

So with that in mind, I’ve decided to cherry-pick some house commissions.

Send me a photo and I’ll see if I can do yours justice. New build 70’s bungalows are unlikely to pique my interest unless there’s a spectacular bit of urban legend attached to it.

If you want to talk about the nitty gritty, just drop me a line.

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Thank you

to everyone who has bought one of my scarves!

Off we go

A video posted by Candice Tripp (@misstripp) on

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NEWS, If you’re not on the mailing list;

monkey bones

candice tripp silk scarf
candice tripp silk scarf5hung_lo

Here ‘tis! My first batch of scarves are ready to release.
These have been a long time coming, so I’m going to keep this short and get straight to the nitty gritty:

100% pure, hand-spun silk scarf
90cm x 90cm
Edges rolled by hand
Screen printed by hand using environmentally friendly AZO-free dyes
free UK delivery
buy now

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Monkey Bone Scarf

Available now in my bigcartel store!

candice tripp silk scarf candice tripp silk scarf2 candice tripp silk scarf3 candice tripp silk scarf4 candice tripp silk scarf5 candice tripp silk scarf6 candice tripp silk scarf7 candice tripp silk scarf8 candice tripp silk scarf9

Photographer: Arianna Lago,
First Assistant: Lyndall Spagnoletti
Stylist: Mel Shi
Make-up Artist: Lia Ryan
Model: Dido Janes

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My first etching is happening

Some process photos of the etching along the way.

Trying to find the image I wanted felt a lot like navigating my own pitch dark junk-and-clothing-strewn home in search of a torch.

etching_process candice tripp print

etching process, candice tripp print

etching process, candice tripp print

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Group Show, Modern Eden Gallery, January 2015

Platinum Blend group show Modern Eden Gallery Candice Tripp10 – 31 January 2015

Modern Eden Gallery
801 Greenwich
San Francisco

Process photos of the piece I’m sending will follow…

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I wish I remembered that I took these monochrome forest-y photos before I tore away with my etching – progress photos to follow at the end of this week. Prints to follow later.

Still; dark daytime woods, huh? I love a bit of National Trust fun-time.
This is Cragside; arguably the best of the National Trust home-and-grounds I’ve visited.

Cragside with Lyndall Spagnoletti and Jamie Brown, National  Trust, Candice Tripp

Cragside, national Trust, Candice Tripp

Cragside, national Trust, Candice Tripp

Cragside National Trust, Candice Tripp Lyndall Spagnoletti

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Quickly, now; the next thing

Blasting big news or making a small utterance of personal importance on every avenue of social media starts to feel a bit contrived if only for the repetition, for me and for you; but to anyone who doesn’t follow me on instagram or who isn’t on my mailing list, I wanted to say thanks for the enthusiasm for the Houses of Horror.

It started out as something small and turned into a much bigger thing- I didn’t anticipate the response and want to say thank you because it made a little personal project a lot more fun than I ever thought it could be.

The month ran out sooner than my list of houses did- so if I don’t return to them immediately, there will definitely be more in the future. I didn’t forget Rosemary’s Baby, I swear.

Coming up are a few group shows and a very small print release. Also; my first ever merch drop (that sounds, like, dead casual, right? Because I’m frankly shitting my pants about it)

About a month ago (what day is it? How old am I?) Black Rat took me to Goldmark Print studio, to open my eyes/mind to other possibilities in the world repetitive mark-making. It was brilliant. Ian, Jan and Callum are deadly cool and a total breath of fresh air- their approach to inviting artists to their studio alleviates any sense of anxiety. Jan said simply “if you fuck up, don’t worry’ and I thought ‘these are my sort of people’.


So: next up is an etching. Here’s a photo of my first; the test. This isn’t the one we’ll be releasing, but is proof that I’ve tried this shit and absolutely love it- I haven’t yet decided which image to run with because, naturally, my desperation to do the best possible job has led to um, a blockage in the good-idea pipe. It has all of my attention right now and when it’s ready to go, Black Rat Projects will have all the details.

Candice Tripp etching

Candice Tripp etching process

2015 Group Show

In January I’ll have a piece in a show curated by Stephanie Chefas at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco. For updates, please sign up to my newsletter… or I guess, watch instagram.


Finally, I’ll be releasing a small run of silk scarves. They won’t be limited, but Jesus, investing in your own product is daunting and frankly, something I’ve decided to do primarily for myself (as opposed to…relying on for profit) because I’ve got more Want than Confidence when it comes to having A Product.

I’ll be using this to see ‘if anyone gives a shit’ and if they do, I’ll happily do more. They’re hand printed, hand rolled, 100% silk. The sample and following order took 4 months to happen. So yeah, a light silk scarf isn’t exactly seasonal, but I got there in the end.

Full details to follow soon.

Candice Tripp silk scarf

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House(s) for Sale

Candice Tripp art for sale

I’m doing it! A few people have asked, so I’ve decided to put the houses of horror up for sale on my bigcartel shop for Halloween weekend.

All are originals, gouache on illustration board, 10″ x 12″.

If you don’t want to wait, drop me a line at

Midday Oct 31st – midnight Nov 2nd, GMT

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