Hand painted ‘tea’ masks on sale 4pm GMT

These were a HUGE amount of fun to work on and I’m delighted to finally release them.

We had scarcely started talking about casting brass masks before I asked if I could try my hand at painting them.

These days I divide my evenings between populating a new website and trawling ebay from the bath tub looking for old trinket boxes to display them in. If you stumble upon a glut of old wooden boxes, um, please call me.

While the masks can be hung from their strings, bare, on a wall, these are presented as self contained pieces that can exist happily outside a traditional frame.

Masks will be sent with signed COAs

On sale today at 4pm GMT

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Ready to Roll!

The brass Sally masks are finally ready to go!

For sale from Souled Out Studios at 4pm GMT.

With so many great finish options we decided to just pick two and roll with those. First; white, no questions asked.
Second:, copper. It was a popular choice among you instagrammers out there, but as soon as we had them we decided they could be even better.

We agreed that the best thing about copper is how it can take a beating over time and come out looking even better.
They’ve been scrubbed, stripped, baked, blow-torched, dumped in acidic baths – repeatedly until a naturally, authentically aged patina was achieved.

For this reason the copper plated brass masks all vary to some degree.

Individually cast in brass, presented in hand wrapped linen boxes with signed COAs.
Presented on a hand printed pull out linen backing board for anyone wishing to mount and frame.

Souled Out Studios have really gone to town making sure every last detail is right and I’m so happy with how these have turned out.

Below are some photos of the process:

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I was approached by Death Waltz Records and Mondo to work on a cover for the soundtrack to Julia Ducournau’s masterpiece RAW.

‘Composer Jim Williams (A FIELD IN ENGLAND & SIGHTSEERS) blends mellow acoustic melodies filled with serene and beautiful violin and piano with huge powerful and intense baroque organ led affairs. From the minute we saw the film we knew we had to release the soundtrack on vinyl’ – Mondo

‘Death Waltz Recording Co. is proud to present the soundtrack to RAW. You may have heard Williams’ work in Field In England & Sightseers but RAW will certainly see him breakthrough to a wider audience with a score that will easily sit high inside many top ten lists come the end of 2017. Williams mixes mellow acoustic tracks filled with violin and piano that are serene and beautiful with huge baroque organ led tracks that are intense and powerful. From minute i saw the film I knew we had to release the soundtrack on vinyl.’ – Spencer Hickman, Death Waltz Recording Co

2xLP Presented in partnership with Focus Pictures & Back Lot Music, for sale through Mondo

click to view larger image

Many thanks to Spencer Hickman for affording me the opportunity to work on the most jarringly beautiful and horrific movie I saw in 2016.

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My Life As A Dog

While this isn’t horror, it certainly plays into my Coming Of Age wheelhouse, so I was very happy when Arrow Video approached me to produce cover art for Lasse Hallström’s My Life As A Dog.

Released in 1985 in Sweden, this one passed me by- so I’m incredibly happy that Anthony called my attention to it and offered me the job.

(some sobbing occurred when the title made sense)


See the rest of my commercial work

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The Bird With The Crystal Plumage

Another Dario Argento title came my way recently; The Bird With The Crystal Plumage.

Title work done by Matt Griffin.

Click the image to view it full size

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Limited Edition Blu-ray + DVD release of Dario Argento’s Phenomena.

Along with the cover and title work, I created art for 3 digipacks and a booklet. Click images to view them full size

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Making Masks


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The End + The Night House

Here they are; the second batch of etchings from the Bones & Arrows suite.

These will go up on sale at Souled Out Studios at 4pm GMT today.

Big thanks for Beejoir and Wal (talented motherfucker of note) from Kalwit for producing such crispy pieces.

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Bones and arrows: 2

The next set of etchings is ready and they’re dropping next week through Souled Out Studios

One big, one small, editions of 50. Available as singular prints or as a set.
Artfully printed by Boss Man Wal over at Kalwit Studio.

Jump on a mailing list, mine or SOS’s for a sale notification as well as other news, because there is other news on the way.

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Back in Bangkok with Souled Out Studios

After what feels like a scarce heartbeat, I’m back in Bangkok to pick up on the work Souled Out Studios and I started exactly a year ago.

The plan back then at least, was to produce a Sally Doll cast in bronze. The staggering array of resources available from Souled Out Studios and Bangkok both quickly nudged the idea into a small traffic jam of opportunities we couldn’t bear to skip over.

Among currently tangible projects of sculptures, masks and etchings, there’s also been the task of gathering (or more realistically hunting) packaging materials. Because that shit is tasty and Bangkok is the best place for it. Added to this is Beejoir’s attitude that just about anything is possible – which is like oil in my miserable, defeatist water. You know, nice buttery oil that makes you want more.

We’ve been squirming through the warren of market stalls at Chatuchak (hot) and China Town (stifling) and I’ve never had more fun on a mission borne of work.

True to character, when Beejoir needed an hour to source some of his own materials, we split up and I, the dutiful glutton that I am, leopard crawled over to the nearest plastic chair and waited for a menu to present itself.

So far, so good.

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