I wish I remembered that I took these monochrome forest-y photos before I tore away with my etching – progress photos to follow at the end of this week. Prints to follow later.

Still; dark daytime woods, huh? I love a bit of National Trust fun-time.
This is Cragside; arguably the best of the National Trust home-and-grounds I’ve visited.

Cragside with Lyndall Spagnoletti and Jamie Brown, National  Trust, Candice Tripp

Cragside, national Trust, Candice Tripp

Cragside, national Trust, Candice Tripp

Cragside National Trust, Candice Tripp Lyndall Spagnoletti

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Quickly, now; the next thing

Blasting big news or making a small utterance of personal importance on every avenue of social media starts to feel a bit contrived if only for the repetition, for me and for you; but to anyone who doesn’t follow me on instagram or who isn’t on my mailing list, I wanted to say thanks for the enthusiasm for the Houses of Horror.

It started out as something small and turned into a much bigger thing- I didn’t anticipate the response and want to say thank you because it made a little personal project a lot more fun than I ever thought it could be.

The month ran out sooner than my list of houses did- so if I don’t return to them immediately, there will definitely be more in the future. I didn’t forget Rosemary’s Baby, I swear.

Coming up are a few group shows and a very small print release. Also; my first ever merch drop (that sounds, like, dead casual, right? Because I’m frankly shitting my pants about it)

About a month ago (what day is it? How old am I?) Black Rat took me to Goldmark Print studio, to open my eyes/mind to other possibilities in the world repetitive mark-making. It was brilliant. Ian, Jan and Callum are deadly cool and a total breath of fresh air- their approach to inviting artists to their studio alleviates any sense of anxiety. Jan said simply “if you fuck up, don’t worry’ and I thought ‘these are my sort of people’.


So: next up is an etching. Here’s a photo of my first; the test. This isn’t the one we’ll be releasing, but is proof that I’ve tried this shit and absolutely love it- I haven’t yet decided which image to run with because, naturally, my desperation to do the best possible job has led to um, a blockage in the good-idea pipe. It has all of my attention right now and when it’s ready to go, Black Rat Projects will have all the details.

Candice Tripp etching

Candice Tripp etching process

2015 Group Show

In January I’ll have a piece in a show curated by Stephanie Chefas at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco. For updates, please sign up to my newsletter… or I guess, watch instagram.


Finally, I’ll be releasing a small run of silk scarves. They won’t be limited, but Jesus, investing in your own product is daunting and frankly, something I’ve decided to do primarily for myself (as opposed to…relying on for profit) because I’ve got more Want than Confidence when it comes to having A Product.

I’ll be using this to see ‘if anyone gives a shit’ and if they do, I’ll happily do more. They’re hand printed, hand rolled, 100% silk. The sample and following order took 4 months to happen. So yeah, a light silk scarf isn’t exactly seasonal, but I got there in the end.

Full details to follow soon.

Candice Tripp silk scarf

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House(s) for Sale

Candice Tripp art for sale

I’m doing it! A few people have asked, so I’ve decided to put the houses of horror up for sale on my bigcartel shop for Halloween weekend.

All are originals, gouache on illustration board, 10″ x 12″.

If you don’t want to wait, drop me a line at

Midday Oct 31st – midnight Nov 2nd, GMT

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Houses of Horror

Every time I do this sort of thing I know I’m taking another step away from the paintings I like and want to work on, but screw it; it’s horror month. I have until October 31st to revel in The Houses.

I’m pretty sure I’ll run out of steam, but semi-regular updates are happening on instagram.

all gouache on board, 10″ x 12″

House 29: The Bates House, Psycho
Psycho house, by Candice Tripp

House 28: The House on Hanover Square
House on Hanover Square

“House” 27: The Wicker Man
The Wicker Man by Candice Tripp

House 26: The Innocents
The Innocents by Candice Tripp

House 25: The Gein house, burned down in 1958
The Gein house, by Candice Tripp

House 24: The Stanley Hotel, inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining
The Stanley Hotel, by Candice Tripp

House 23: The Overlook Hotel, The Shining
The Overlook Hotel, by Candice Tripp

House 22: A Tale of Two Sisters
A Tale of Two Sisters house, by Candice Tripp

House 21: The MacNeil house, The Exorcist
The Exorcist house, by Candice Tripp

House 20: The orphanage, The Devil’s Backbone
The Devil's Backbone, by Candice Tripp

House 19: The DeFeo house, The Amityville Horror
Amityville Horror house, by Candice Tripp

House 18: The Orphanage
The Orphanage, by Candice Tripp

House 17: Count Orlok’s house, Nosferatu
Nosferatu by Candice Tripp

House 16: The Maitland house, Beetlejuice
Beetlejuice house by Candice Tripp

House 15: Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Texas Chainsaw Massacre house by Candice Tripp

House 14: Nancy’s house, A Nightmare On Elm Street
A nightmare on elm street, Candice Tripp

House 13: Stephen King’s house, Bangor Maine
Stephen King's house, Candice Tripp

House 12: The lighthouse, The Fog
The Fog, Candice Tripp

House 11: Pet Sematary
Pet Sematary house, by Candice Tripp

House 10: The Omen
The Omen, Candice Tripp

House 9: Let’s Scare Jessica To Death
Let's Scare Jessica To Death house, Candice Tripp

House 8: The Changeling
The Changeling, Candice Tripp

House 7: House of the Devil
House of the Devil, Candice Tripp

House 6: The Perron house, The Conjuring
The Conjuring, Candice Tripp

House 5:Suspiria’s Academy of Freiburg/Haus Zum Walfisch
Suspiria, Candice Tripp

House 4: Ils
Ils, Candice Tripp

House 3: the Myers house, Halloween
Halloween, Candice Tripp

House 2: The school house in Bodega Bay, The Birds
The Birds, Candice Tripp

House 1: The Evil Dead cabin
Evil Dead cabin, Candice Tripp

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Kimbra’s album launch with the Merry Karnowsky Gallery

Candice Tripp for Kimbra at Merry Karnowsky Gallery
Candice Tripp for Kimbra at Merry Karnowsky

“I’m coming back tomorrow to look for more”
18″ x 24″
oil and ink on canvas

To celebrate the release of The Golden Echo, Kimbra hosted a listening-party-come-exhibition with the Merry Karnowsky Gallery in LA last week.

The two week long show features the work of the 13 artists including Victor Castillo, Travis Louie, Greg Craola, Vonn Sumner, Mercedes Helnwein, Mel Kadel, Timothy Armstrong, devNgosha, Miguel Jiron, Svetlana Shigroff, Jono Brandel and myself.

More about the show and thought behind it on The Cave.

Kimbra's listening party, Candice Tripp

Kimbra album art launch

Rescue Him, Kimbra Candice Tripp

Many thanks to Norman Wonderly for making this happen
Image credit: Claire Vogel

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It’s as hot as ten bastards

Or, I don’t know, like 21 Northern degrees.

It’s enough to make me skip second-lunch out of sheer discomfort at the thought of moderate activity (the fridge and I don’t share a room. I’d have to take STEPS to get there)

Anyway, it’s too hot for oil paint as I complained earlier on instagram.

Also: how vacuous a blog post is this? (guessing very-to-staggering)

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Thanks for playing

Sally was found in 17 minutes, which thrills me to the extent that I wonder why I haven’t tried to get others involved in the hiding dolls for me before now.

The SDCC clue:

Found in what may prove to be record time by stuht

Thank you!

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Find Sally: San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con art hunt Candice Tripp sally doll

Sally #52

From what I’ve heard of Comic-Con, next to nobody will have time to pee let alone keep an eye out for a 6″ high doll, but supposing you just happen to see her, she’s yours.

The clue is likely to drop this Friday, so watch my instagram feed for immediate information, or this here blog for belated, slightly delayed information.

If I’m being realistic I’m half expecting her to get trampled or swept away. But that’s okay. It’s part of the fun (for me).

Brad of earlier skull related blog posts has kindly offered to do this for me (thanks, Brad!) I won’t actually be there myself, but if you are, I hope you have an excellent time.

photo credit: Sam Brown Photography

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Northern Summer

Durham Summer to be specific.

In case you ever needed to find some Extra Green;

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Tenebrous – open at Clutter NY now

“I guess it’s just you and me”
8″ resin figure in a wood and wire cage
11.8″ x 8″

“I guess it’s just me” by Candice Tripp

“I guess it’s just me” by Candice Tripp

“I guess it’s just me” by Candice Tripp

“I guess it’s just me” by Candice Tripp


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