LA Art Show

I’m so pleased to say that Driving out the Devils (and three more Tommyknocker-green canvases) made it through customs and all 2 meters of it are stretched and hung at the LA Art Show with Copro Gallery. 

I don’t know how Gary Pressman managed to pull it off because our shipping rigmarole gave him mere minutes to get it show-ready, but he and the Copro team did it and I’m so grateful.

This canvas and I have been eyeballing each other since I began it in one of our lockdowns and I never knew where it would end up. The last strokes of paint were laid down in 2022. We stared each other down for another year and I finally called it good and had it photographed in 2023.

For a long time, it was hidden away and I didn’t show it to anyone, so I’m really happy that a sky full of demons will finally open today in the broad daylight of LA.


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