A mini print is something I've long wanted to do however, I never seemed to have the right image to use.

I recently completed the two gouache paintings below and realised I finally had something to work with. Unable to decide which image to use, I appealed to friends on facebook and instagram.

The people made their choice and it wasn't the same as mine, so I was stumped.

With my images arriving a day earlier than expected at Jealous Prints, I got a call asking which painting to use because "you see, we thought you were sending one painting. Which one do you want to make the print of?"

Ragged and drenched I bellowed "CAN YOU DO BOTH? YEAH? YEAH-LET'S-DO-BOTH-COOL, COOL." hoping to drown out the Eurowank music at gym where I'd just been caught off-guard and out of breath.

"Boo" and *Thuk*; the details of both are as follows:

Giclee print
Edition of 150, signed and numbered
Somerset Satin Enhanced Radiant White 300gsm
15cm x 21cm (standard A5)

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