Bowie and Lennon

Yeah, man. I won these. In a competition *blows nails* - there's really no credit due, it was in fact a Twitter giveaway and the winner was picked at random - BUT STILL. I was wildly astounded to hear that my retweet earned me two prints that I had already previously admired and wanted.

Von sent them to me last year (and Christ, I have to make a special note of how incredibly tidy his packing is. Unreal. Not even my teen experience as a holiday Christmas gift wrapper at my local mall could bring me up to standard. He could hold seminars on the topic)

I wanted to wait until I'd had them framed and hung before posting. Typically, it took me a few months to get them framed and then a few more to hang them. Eventually though, I did.

It turns out that besides losing water weight, Norovirus is good for one thing: all that lying on your back can instill a sense of such determination in a girl that reassessing her wall situation is the first thing she does once she's back on her feet. At least, that's how it worked out for me.

And wouldn't you know it? I pulled down all the work that previously hung above the sofa (my sick place) and replaced them with these beauties. Now I'm all set for my next bought of seasonal illness. I can't WAIT! (thanks, Von!)

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