carving intaglio

Stone carving is a long process- for me, at least.

The burst of energy that floats me through the actual carving process loses steam by the time I reach the polishing stage and dries up altogether by the time it is ready to be set.

My stone-carving head has to shift gears entirely into the silver-smithing mode and that is usually only going to happen once it has had a period of respite back at the easel or playing with gouache. Leaning in to my own roughshod creative energy can only be considered productive if the steady-state of "doing" is the end game. 

If I don't feel like doing something, I'm as productive as a dinosaur in a tar pit. I have to run in the opposite direction to get far enough away from whatever it is that consumed 100% of my headspace in order for it to look appealing again. And back I crawl.

Distance makes the heart grow something, or whatever.

That being said, I have now carved, polished and set three new intaglios. 


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