Find Sally: the start

Anyone following my twitter or instagram or facebook (Christ) feed will have seen that I abandoned a Sally doll for Ideal Brown to plant in Newcastle two weeks ago.

She had abnormally large hands and awkward as she was, was without a place in the show. She also had a mask that didn't seem fair to waste and anyway, it's not so much that her Mickey Mouse club mitts were off-putting to me - they just didn't fit in.

I started modelling with epoxy in late February when Giles and I had first started to discuss the show. I didn't set out with a lot of firm direction but rather the idea that whatever I made, I wanted to do in great quantities...or any many as I could muster before September (and then November, after we decided we needed more time). Naturally, the first few dolls have a few more pronounced abnormalities than the others.

So. Sally #7 was left in Newcastle, for Newcastle, because I live here and so do lots of other people and I thought that since this big thing was going on for me in London, I could at least leave a little thing in Newcastle.

She was left in Jesmond Dene, at the ruined banqueting hall - all thanks and kudos to Ideal Brown for missioning down there, finding a non-threatening spot (for dogs and tots who tend to choke on the things they find lying around) to leave the doll.


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