Roll up, ducklings – I have news! Last night was the opening of the 5th anniversary Hi-Fructose exhibition.

Hi-Fructose Arts Magazine celebrates its 5th anniversary with a group show presenting a selection of some of the most distinguished artists to have graced their pages.

Very fortunately, I was invited to take part.
I said yes, of course.

For anyone in the general area, here are the details:

Copro Gallery
Bergamot Station
2525 Michigan Ave
Unit T5, Santa Monica
CA 90404

March 13 – April 3, 2010
Contact: Gary Pressman, Gallery – Director

Participating artists include:

Kris Kuksi, Jonathan Viner, Martin Witfooth, Candice Tripp, Jesse Hazelip, Lori Earley, Chris Mars, Jeff Soto, Kevin Cyr, Mark Ryden, Thomas Doyle, Scott Musgrove, Victor Castillo, Amy Sol, Audrey Kawasaki, Brendan Danielsson, Brian Dettmer, Greg “Craola” Simkins, Harma Heikens, Attaboy, Alex Pardee, James Jean, Scott Hove, Sas Christian, Colin Christian, Yoko D’Holbachie, Travis Lampe, Junko Mizuno, Brandt Peters, Mia, Chet Zar, Kathie Olivas, Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez, Sam Gibbons, Annie Owens, Yosuke Ueno, Skinner, Ewelina Ferruso, Shag, Mike Shine

– In other words, a truly bomb-ass line-up to be part of.

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