Nanny Con Etching available at 3pm today



I've partnered with Goldmark Atelier to work on a new print that drops today at 3pm.

With 'Nanny Con' every line and detail on the plate is made by hand with no room for error. The print itself has then been reproduced using a specialist printing technique whereby an extremely delicate Japanese paper is collaged with a heavier substrate paper as they go through the etching press.

As shown in the video the Japanese paper is placed directly onto the face of the plate and flour is spread over. As the plate goes through the press the flour acts as a bonding agent, binding the two papers together once dried.

This highly skilled process allows for the delicate Kozo paper to extract all of the most detailed elements from the plate that might otherwise have been lost to heavier stock.
Chine-Collé Etching 
Handmade Kozo 30gsm + Fabriano Rosaspina Avorio 285gsm 
34.5 x 27cm 
Limited Edition of 35
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