Print update

This is a tentative update on the print release and while it only pertains very generally to the size I want to go for, I realise now that I've never actually posted a photo of the completed painting that we're using for the edition.

Of the three sizes Black Rat sent me (digital reproductions) I favour the largest.

It matches the size of the canvas, which is 36" x 36", so it should be a big 'un (supposing Mike at Black Rat is still game to go large).

Here it is, in Thought's meeting room, pinned down by coffee mugs and keyboards.

By the by, anyone thinking "Jesus fuck, that's a whole ass-load of frame I'll have to summon up, can't they just crop all that negative space off? It's doing nothing"

We tried that and it doesn't work at all.

There's actually a decent photo on Neo Collective. Just scroll.

It's called This Will Hurt Tomorrow and if "Can You Smell Burning?" is anything to go by, it will be ten colours or more. With a hand finished edition too.

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