The brass Sally masks are finally ready to go!

For sale from Souled Out Studios at 4pm GMT.

With so many great finish options we decided to just pick two and roll with those. First; white, no questions asked.
Second:, copper. It was a popular choice among you instagrammers out there, but as soon as we had them we decided they could be even better.

We agreed that the best thing about copper is how it can take a beating over time and come out looking even better.
They’ve been scrubbed, stripped, baked, blow-torched, dumped in acidic baths – repeatedly until a naturally, authentically aged patina was achieved.

For this reason the copper plated brass masks all vary to some degree.

Individually cast in brass, presented in hand wrapped linen boxes with signed COAs.
Presented on a hand printed pull out linen backing board for anyone wishing to mount and frame.

Souled Out Studios have really gone to town making sure every last detail is right and I’m so happy with how these have turned out.

Below are some photos of the process:

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