They're Here!

Limbs sold separately!

Vintage, bisque for the most part, otherwise porcelain. Stuffed with coconut coir.

They're not the easiest thing to verify in terms of origin and age, but most are from an 1880s Victorian excavation site of a 19th-century German ceramics factory.

I've got heads, bodies, booted feet and hands!

I'd love to say "from a loving home, carefully stored for decades" but these dolls bear the hallmarks of having been unearthed, forgotten, and sometimes laid alongside rusting materials. The intermediary hands have been, however, incredibly careful and treated these like the treasure they are.

They are rather, "due for a loving home".

I toyed with mounting these in boxes, but I'm of the opinion that if something can dangle, it should. Preferring to hang my own treasures, I decided instead to add a loop of a thread instead. You can still mount yours, but I didn't want to be the one putting a body part in a box.

Have I saved one to put on my own Christmas tree? YES. Will it be packed away for a year? Absolutely not. A tattooed baby doll is for all year round.


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