Uba Uba Uba Uba Uba Uba Uba Uba Uba Uba
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U B A 
22nd December - 20th January
Ambitious    |   Intelligent    |    Dignified
of mountains

They carried her up the mountain and left her there.

To die, yes, but also so that another could live.

When resources were scarce, senicide masqueraded as familial sacrifice. 

Uba however, continued to climb, and long after her kin had perished, she climbed still; always pressing on.

She is the forsaken stoic who will triumph against the odds. Quietly self-assured. Doggedly moving upwards- but you won’t see her break a sweat. Her ambition is internal. It doesn’t foam at the mouth.

She possesses ruthlessly inhuman intelligence. At one with the earth, now less woman than she is animal, mineral or plant. Uba is the soul of the mountain itself and the master of her realm.

She protects her domain. Fellow inhabitants give thanks. Travelers should pay respect.

For what goes up the mountain doesn’t always come back down.


Sterling silver necklace, A5 Illustration on 350gsm card and profile. Also available in gold.

Made in the UK

Chain: 45cm 

Charm: 30mm x 10 mm