Silver + Ruby Boob Earrings
Silver + Ruby Boob Earrings Silver + Ruby Boob Earrings Silver + Ruby Boob Earrings

You know what? I'm only including the genesis of this idea because I can't believe it's true. I was a bit drunk in the Amazon jungle and snorted with with laughter over the idea of "having a couple of hollow tits to dangling from your ears". What I mean is I still can't believe I ever got that far from home and am still thrilled about it.

I was tired and a bit dehydrated and I got really excited about the idea of gemstone nipples.

These were carved in wax and cast in 925 Sterling Silver and set with ruby nipples, by me, here in the UK.

Breast: 25mm 

Also available in Gold vermeil with Lapis nipples

EU Customers please take note



Candice Tripp's jewellery is made by hand in 925 Sterling Silver in the UK.

Over time silver can tarnish. Some chemicals and conditions can accelerate this. We recommend that you do not swim or go in thermal baths in your jewellery.

A non-abrasive silver polishing cloth will banish any dullness from your jewellery.

To avoid scratches, store your jewellery separately in their boxes.