Mare Mare Mare Mare Mare Mare Mare Mare
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~ Introducing ~
The Horrorscope
12 cardinal signs based on folk lore and legend. Borne of ancient beliefs and good natured thumb-sucking, I present you with the first character from my personal collection of monsters:

M A R E 
24th July - 23rd August
Fiendish   |   Nocturnal   |   Playful
of Night

Furred, but not furry. Mare is the colour of shade. Dark, not as a descriptive - but as an active occurrence; the creeping embodiment of anti-light. A vacuum of discernible topography.

And what a contradiction, because his disposition is pure levity.

Crawling the length of your body to perch on your chest, he will get as close to your unguarded mind as he can - all the better to sour your dreams in a game of psychic chicken. 

He delights in the head-tossing and mumbled protestations of the unwilling participants in his sport. 

Tear yourself awake, however, and the game is over; Mare will bid a sulking retreat beneath the floorboards or attic he leaked out of. He is quickly forgiven though and won’t hide for long.

Tomorrow is another night.

Sterling silver necklace, A5 illustration of 350gsm card and profile. Also available in gold.

Made in the UK

Chain: 45cm 

Charm: 35 x 12 mm