Art Swap

Sightseers soundtrack on vinyl from Luke Insect:

A combination of apathy towards my current music collection, laziness in trying to source new music and working with Spencer Hickman of Death Waltz has changed my niggling post-cinema thoughts of "I liked the sounds in that film" to "I want that soundtrack, right now, to actually listen to and enjoy because that is a reasonable want"

I've felt this way about a bunch of films recently, but most notably Sightseers had me hissing in my boyfriend's earcheek "THISSOUNDRACK ISCOO" and it left an impression on me so lasting that I didn't immediately forget it as I left the Tyneside Cinema. In fact, I wanted it (along with the Berberian Sound Studio) so badly that it was enough to make me finally want to sort out the gaping hole in my life that is the absence of a means to play vinyl.

I was like "Fuck. I want that soundtrack"

In a smooth Christmas move Ideal Brown and Cal sorted me right out and I am finally set to listen to my one record: the Let The Right One In OST.

Sadly the Sightseers soundtrack was sold out. Long sold out. Fuck, it's red vinyl, limited to 150 copies with the cover work by Luke Insect and Kenn Gooddall acting under the title "Twins of Evil". Of course it's sold out.

And before anyone tells you that sitting on your arse and complaining about the things you cannot change is silly, I did just that on twitter a full two months after coming to terms with the fact that I had missed out when Luke Insect responded, suggesting an art swap. I nearly shat with delight.

After explaining just how impossible it was to get hold of, Ideal Brown jokingly asked the vinyl version of "would you eat a chicken to save another chicken?" and queried if I'd ever play such a collectible soundtrack. On a turntable I wanted purely so that I could listen to such a soundtrack.

Imagine that. Finally getting a record player and finding out I had access to a soundtrack I can't source anywhere else - only to never listen to it, to keep it pristine.

Call me an asshole of the 80s who grew up with small shiny soulless rainbow discs, but it seems to me that there's some degree of honour in playing the living shit out of your vinyl. No? Then once it's truly dead, you frame it and hang it like the head of a great moose you messily shot that took ages to die.

Legsy Levin from Eelus:

I really scored with this as well. Fucking Eelus sent me a veritable goodie bag! The deal was to swap prints, but he sent me Legsy Levin (a screen print I've wanted since his first instagram of it in its infancy), one of his Don't Panic posters, stickers AND a copy of Dog Milk.

I'm so stoked.

Thank you both! x

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