I can't get over how nice my collectors are.

Rabbit Skull from Richard:

After emailing to let me know that he received his "Boo" and *Thuk* prints, Richard Gwynn asked if I might be at all interested in a perfectly bleached, picked-dry rabbit skull he found whilst out (adventuring) with his sons.

As Ideal Brown says "fuck, that's nice of him".

In less than a year my skull collection has gone from 0 to 4, including of the arrival of this;

Skull No 1 from Brad:

At Christmas another delivery spontaneously arrived containing 3 boxes of poptarts (the only gluten related stomach ache really worth having) mint peeps, tootsie roll lollies and this terrifying thing. America is so good at confectionary. And Brad is so good at skulls (I feel it is worth noting that without Brad, my collection would be only half as big and varied)

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