Collaboration with Giles Walker

There I am, playing Leatherface.

This November (pending date confirmation) Giles Walker and I are going to install some moving doo-dads in an underground London venue in a collaborative effort at art-making.

Seeing that I've never worked in 3D, let alone on anything that requires a power source, I'm like "what do you need from me? Give me a shopping list"
And Giles is all "we need windscreen wiper motors"

So, I watched a youtube video on how to remove front wiper motors from cars, put on my "please don't rob me blind because Giles has told me more or less how much these should cost" face and asked Ideal Brown to take me to the scrap yard with his tools.

Luck; we found motors
Double luck; they were already extricated from their written-off mothers.

It was cold and muddy and cold and sort of unnerving because a lot of those cars looked as though whoever was driving them at the time had taken their final journey too.

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