Credulous Morons - Newcastle Late Shows

Thank you from the blackest coal pits of my racing blood pump to everyone who came to see what I do. I never expected such a big, interested crowd of genuinely nice people. So many friends, long time supporters and new faces - I was so touched by the turn out and by the messages of support from people who couldn't make it; thank you so much.

The decision to do the Late Shows was the result of a broiling combination of fearful urges; to host a one-night show all on my own, to try to manage every aspect of it and see if I could pull it off, to bring work back to Newcastle where I get a lot of love and support from friends and strangers who can't pop off to London or NY or LA to get a quick look. I also wanted to make a physical connection between my instragram feed and the work I put out without the pressure of a full-blown exhibition that 'speaks' for where I am in my art-making life.

Over the past two years I've become aware of the fact that the work I make between shows gets relegated entirely to 'process' irrespective of the fact that in retrospect I often prefer it to the work I end up taking to exhibitions. I haven't thought too hard about it being looked at or how; I just make it. I pull the trigger on ideas without worrying about where they might rest on my personal Scale of Shitness. As a result it has no place. It doesn't fit in. If someone doesn't ask if they can buy it I just hide it and then eventually, after enough years go by, I destroy it or give it to friends as if it's clothing I got too fat to wear. That unique combination of fondness, self disgust and shame over being responsible for something that didn't quite get a chance to be seen.

At first I thought I'd put all of that work up. Typically though, what I initially pictured ("PROCESS work!", drawings, roughs, finished articles that don't 'fit' anywhere else) lost their appeal and I wanted to do something new.

Preparation was squeezed into a brilliant, tight, time frame that didn't allow pause for thought. I've entertained the idea of throwing colour out for a show, but didn't think I'd ever be able to commit to that. I just about managed it for Credulous Morons; two mere red noses; a personal best.

Anyway, I don't like it when artists explain themselves to the n'th degree, but in the shuffle to meet my stupid-as-fuck personal deadline, I didn't even come close to providing any of the information a regular press release would offer. There you go, if you're still reading.

- very special thanks to Chris, Sue, Will, Liz, Emily and Jamie. The Late Shows and the staff at the Baltic 39. Without them it wouldn't have happened at all.

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