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I just saw a photo of a dog getting blowtorched and I can't do anything about it. Every few weeks I donate what I can but right now I have more art to throw around than money.

I haven't got any paintings of dogs, but I'll give this cat painting away. I'll ship it anywhere in the world.

- thank you all for getting involved, the winner is R. Knight

Just click the image above and make a donation to HSI.

Forward the confirmation email or a screengrab to to be in with a chance.

I'll draw a winner on June 22nd. A donation of any amount will do.

HSI does a lot of good work, so whether it's the dog meat trade, bullfighting, illegal puppy mills, bear bile farming, exotic animal trade, farming standards or other animal rights issues, I feel like they're an organisation with integrity and a progressive approach to their causes.

Maybe you've seen the Yulin Dog Meat Festival reports. Maybe you haven't. Maybe you're already shouting about how people are starving, that children are caught in chemical warfare or that you think it's hypocritical to demonise one kind of meat-eater over another.

Here's the thing: this isn't a question of what animals should and shouldn't be eaten. This isn't a question of poverty. I know that if the shit really hit the fan, we'd all be eating each other once we got through our own pets. I don't think meat eating will stop any time soon - but the issue is the manner in which we go about doing it- irrespective of whether or not the animal in question is regarded as a pet.

There are laws in place to ensure that whichever animal product you're popping Rennies over working through right now was reared, slaughtered, transported and packaged to meet specific standards of welfare (for them) and hygiene (for us).

Here's why this is different to eating a Tesco Finest Whatever:

They're estimating that 10000 dogs will go to slaughter on June 22nd - many of them are stolen pets*. Some are still wearing their collars.
They're beaten and boiled alive**

How your donation helps this particular cause:

'HSI is working in countries across Asia to end the dog meat trade. We participate in raids on trucks crammed with dogs headed for slaughter. We provide funding to train officials for improved enforcement of laws and support care for confiscated animals. In South Korea, we're helping dog meat farmers transition to more humane ways of making a living. We also helped form the Asia Canine Protection Alliance to end the illegal trade of dogs from Thailand and Laos into Vietnam.'

*If you're a bit like 'look I like dogs, but I eat meat. I just can't muster a fuck right now' maybe try to imagine someone stealing and beating the shit out of your car (and if that works, if you find yourself feeling like that might be unfair, do me a favour and punch yourself in the groin)

**In some areas there's this awful idea is that an animal tastes better when its system is flooded with the chemicals that are released when it's terrified and in agony, so they beat the shit out of them before slaughtering them.

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Here's the painting;

It finds the little people
10" x 10"
oil and ink on canvas

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