As predicted, my registration was out. Typically, the first two colours were fine (fine enough, I declare, for a first-timer) The third was a laugh.

The result reminds me of cheaply made children's picture books from the 40's, which is a look I happen to like, so things worked out okay. I don't however, enjoy bullshiting myself so a perfect print would have been ultimately preferable.

Between Ideal Brown's printing and my own, we each have an odd set:

3 colour hand-pulled screen prints on irregular paper; 4 on some somerset satin, 3 on an unknown brand of stock,
approximately 29 cm x 39 cm with partially deckled edges,
Edition of 0 given that the artist (sigh) never signed off on any of her proofs. What remains is 7 of each, marked as PPs because I suppose that's exactly what they are.

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