Museum of Curiosity

Mike Snelle's Museum of Curiosity will finally open to the public this week on November 9th.

Over the year I've received odd photos of dead things. Varying degrees of dead things. There are a lot of things I like about this, but the one that really tickles is me the fact that Mike and I don't regularly shoot the shit. He's a very busy guy - busy to the extent that you're lucky if you can catch him in your local time zone. I don't know how he keeps track of what day it is, so the photos I receive are all the more unexpected, with the bare minimum in explanation.

Example "I bought a dolphin skull. It's pretty great." Image attached.

Some of these things are very dead "Very Dead", others are so dead they're semi-fossilised; "Most Dead". There's also "Dead Old" (arrow tips) "Sort of Always Dead" (Victorian collection of 5000 human teeth), "Dead Cool" (braille porn) and "Dead Gross" (eyes).

There will also be some art from this lot: Swoon (who is installing her Dream Reliquary), Butch Anthony, Oskar Rink, Giles Walker, Delaney Martin, Taylor Shepherd, Jessica Harrison, Tessa Farmer, Nancy Fouts and by the hair of her teeth; Me.


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