NE Love magazine

I get a serious case of The Tingles when people strike and do the things they love.

I feel like a huge coward for not going out for the things I want or for sitting around talking about the things I'd like to make and release without every actually doing it because, because, because what if nobody likes it/ what if it's a waste of gigglingly small-time self employed investment/ what if I book another show and have to shit-can it halfway through? - see every time I ever said "I want to make t-shirts/wallpaper/silk scarves/eco-friendly ethical non-silk scarves".

A few years ago I made a friend while I worked in the frenzied world of retail photography. We both left eventually. I went off to make art while my friend, Sam Brown, left to head up and manage a new studio.

While I get off on drawing and thoughts of restricted food-stuffs, Sam gets off on Good Photography.

His friends get off on Good Writing, Good Content, Good Design and Guinness. Together,  they retracted the great finger-in-arse productivity blockage that plagues most of us and launched NE Love Magazine.

For their third issue NE Love sent Sam around to my studio so we could reminisce while he took photos of my head - which, although sounds strange was on-topic since they allowed me to do some cover art for them.

Thank you to everyone at NE Love for letting me do this to their beloved brand. I owe each of you  a beer.

Here's the original work:

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