Nobody ever intends on being sick

Although, sometimes it can be avoided. See: knowing your limit; how to recognise when you've had too much; don't go out.

For a little while I've been trying to get myself onto some sort of printing course and having contacted Northern Print, I discovered that what is available gets booked up fairly quickly. I've been rendered Waiting-List-Fodder. That was, until I received an email on Friday notifying me of two places that had opened up as suddenly as an over eager fever blister.

Would I like to attend? It was short notice given that the two day course started the following morning at 10am. Having three minutes earlier decided to be a bit more thorough in my search for a course, I was keen and to my surprise, so was Ideal Brown.

So! We decided against having a big night and to figure out the image-selection-issue in the morning. "We'll get up super early". A cute notion, if nothing else.

Ideal Brown didn't make it all the way home before he hit the vomit skids, which was okay; I was on form. So much so that I managed to hold his hand (bowl) through the whole ordeal. The thing about vomit though, is it all smells the same.

While rinsing out a former bowl of puke, I realised that it very may well have been my own (there's no discerning feature of vomit that will make mine mine and your yours- apart from what you might have eaten which is never so clear-cut in the end anyway)

Since I was a bit drunk myself, I got confused and vomited too.

Only a few hours later I was due to be at Northern Print, with an image (for myself as well as Ideal Brown who was just there for the process).


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