I know I don't blog very much lately.

There are a couple of reasons for falling behind and like most of my relationship problems, they all stem from me and my tendency to create a problem where there was formerly nothing for anyone to find concerning. In short, no good reason. I worry that things are too boring, or off topic, gross, offensive. Plain shit.

I used to blog madly, merrily "Hey, who cares if it's boring drivel - this is my personal blog!" Just having one renders me a dick on some level (mainly this human one) so I should get over trying to be *less* tiresome.

Four years ago: "I have my part time job and this - this is for me! If I don't enjoy it, I won't do it!"

I had the same attitude towards my own paintings and galleries (or specifically, the galleries that want you to dance like a monkey when they throw peanuts in your cage)

What I guarded was my part time job (except for that one time I blogged hilariously about a brawl me and my boss-boyfriend-friends got into) I had to be reprimanded after boss-boyfriend received calls of laughter from his biggest clients asking if he was going out to get decked again "this Friday".

I was stunned that our clients read my blog. Surprised even to hear that they knew I had one. I'm just an ass hat after all.

So, three years ago: I started to watch my step, because I hate getting in trouble.

Last year: *Candice is working full time and is unavailable to comment*

I worked my tits off last year. I would fall asleep during dinner (lie: just after dinner, but the food was certainly still edging down my throat) My studio really did function as a crap-room. Or rather, somewhere I would force myself to sit all weekend, in amongst crap. The energy I usually put into painting was spent on just keeping myself off the sofa.

Now? Now I'm on Twitter. And I tweet piles and piles (or rather endless) reams of crap. *See adjacent column below*
Thousand of tweets. Not so many followers. Insert "Hey, who cares?" schpeel. Rinse and repeat.

This year I took the big leap to become a full time artist (something that makes my upper lip sweat when I hear about the very real threat of a double dip recession *nervous laughter*) and I'm loving it but mostly, in gearing up to it I decided that I would "ALWAYS be busy!" because I could blog again.

So, I'm going to make more of an effort to blog more (that sentence right there is one of my top five most hated blog topics. I am SUCH a dick)

And in doing so, there will be a shit-shift from Twitter to www.candicetripp.com
Maybe shit-sharing. "Yes" says the non-existent Marketing department I loathe. "Let's share the shit, spread it around. There's no point in trying to be less annoying. Why be an itchy ass cheek when you can be flea bites in a full body cast?"

Can anyone else smell hairspray?

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