Petit Mal at Black Rat Projects

I'm still dazedly trying to coax myself back into assuming a routine, which right now consists of coming to work after 9, staring at my laptop, making lists of all the things I need to do - and because I don't have any maddening fear that I have to do them as quickly as possible because of a creeping deadline, I largely neglect them all in favour of doing "really important things" like eating and moving things around my desk.

So more than a month late, here are photos of the space (courtesy of Ian Cox), followed by photos of people in attendance. Thank you to everyone who came down. I enjoyed this opening night above any other so far, which I suspect is almost entirely thanks to the girls and boys at (and friends of) Black Rat, who made me feel totally comfortable and human, even when I was sweating like an animal.

It's also worth noting that I would never have managed to put that tree together (let alone the perimeter gloom) by myself. I don't want to get all heart-pumping-custard here, but I'm so grateful. I owe Black Rat a really, really big beer. Or my first born.

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