"I just wanted to inform you guys that there is a new drug on the market called "KUBER", it is disguised as a mouth freshener and in sachets similar to tea leaves pouches. The nicotine - rich stimulant is widely consumed by school students and taxi drivers. You can take it like tea with hot water.
It is going around the schools. They are warning people to please watch your kids because the drug does not have a smell to it and it makes children very high. But most important is that it makes them so high that they want to have sex.And it's a drug that comes from India. Please make your kids aware of this. And also it is being sold all over like Chinese shops.

This was shown on TV last week on a program called "Cutting-Edge.It is true about the drug and very dangerous."

Sounds like a nice remedy/aid for every relationship I can think of.

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