Ever since first seeing combination prints on the Jealous website, I've been wanting to produce my own.

We've been splitting hairs every inch of the way on this one and I think it really paid off. There was a lot of "more white" and "less raspberry" among other such non-specific requests. What we finally have is a giclee print with (you guessed it) with black elements screen printed over the top.

As usual we're also releasing a hand finished edition of 25, which have hand applied 24 carat gold leaf detail (I can't get my head around the carat factor) along with some trademark gold ink work.


On the topic of giclee prints and whether or not they're too sterile (or BRILLIANT - my opinion) you need only glance sideways at an art forum to see that lots of people either hate them as if they were made with the blood of sacrificial human babies or just calmly agonise over how they're different to "just running one off on my ink jet at home" which is a totally reasonable thing to think - for those still wondering, I found this to be really interesting; it's a break down of what goes into a Josh Keyes giclee print.

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