The third sign of my Horrorscope is the Skinwalker.

S K I N W A L K E R 
21st April - 21st May
Adaptable   |   Imposing   |   Powerful
of prairies, grassland and desert
Shapeshifters that favour the canine form, Skinwalkers are witches of exemplary skill.
It is not their temper that earns them their monstrous reputation, but the force that follows in the rare moments when they are angered beyond self-restraint.
One given too much to its dark side risks losing all trace of his humanity and will become locked in its clawed state, which is unlikely to happen; for enormous bipedal dog-people, they’re incredibly sensible beings.

A beast of few words that values discretion and is deeply rooted to the place they call home.

 To out a Skinwalker is to invite an attack on yourself, your toothless cousin and the truck you flee in.

Speak not its name.

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