The second sign of The Horrorscope comes bearing claws;

T  A  I  L  Y  P  O 
21st March - 20th April
Vulnerable   |    Fearless   |    Exacting
of Woodlands
Endearing but best left to their own devices; cross a Tailypo and ready yourself for retribution. Unquestioning of its furry impulses, there is no reasoning with one that feels thwarted.  A Tailypo accomplishes what it sets out to do. It is best to avoid making a task of yourself.

Their proneness to accidents speaks only of their unmatched daring.

They are the living centre of every poorly lit, remote cabin that they happen to tumble into and a tussle with this small, clawed beast will remain one of the clearest of any survivor’s memories.

Handle a Tailypo with kindness however and you will be met with a disarming dreamer.

Doesn’t suffer fools

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