Mother comes in two versions; one features her early in her motherhood cycle and the second depicts her later when she's swollen with a pearl egg sac.

 24th August - 23rd September
Selfless   |    Sincere   |   Ultimate

Her life for yours.

Mother is a collection of parts, a perfect organic spawning machine and how she suffers for you; Due to centuries of reduced use, she no longer has a face or legs that can bear her weight. Fused fingers can scoop and swaddle. Auxiliary limbs prop her up.

Her existence is an endlessly pulsating thing, a divine connection funneling souls into the realm of the living.

Who she can’t protect, she can replace. Everything she is is for her young.

Her blood is your blood, her milk is your sustenance, she is the ever-producing god and universe to untold numbers.

She is life embodied, though she has none of her own.

Mother loves you.


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