24th September - 23rd October
Psychopomp   |   Logical   |   Fair
of Air


 When your time ends and your addled self is thrown into the pool of bewildered lost souls, you’ll meet him.

He’s the steward of the underworld and the chaperone of the damned, shuttling between realms in an effort to clear limbo of its ever-filling glut of the dead.

Like any other dog, he needs a duty. To keep him moving is to provide him with a sense of purpose.

If he stops for too long, his own lack of belonging with overwhelm him and it will take a cosmic force to get him reluctantly upright again. 

Stubborn? A bit.
Argumentative? Yes.

 However, he handles his doomed charge with kindness and sends them smiling into the inferno.

He doesn’t like it when they scream.

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