Screenprinting at Northern Print

We made it to our introductory course, aided greatly by water, juice, bounty bars, Jelly Belly, M&Ms and an eat-while-you-cycle Mars Bar ice-cream.

There were only 5 of us. The end game is not to produce a nice print. It's to understand the process behind creating one- "Great!" I think. My main objective is to understand how the screen itself is created. Now that I do, I want to produce a decent print. Since the second and final part of the course is this Saturday, be prepared to receive no update whatsoever.

If however, things don't go totally pear-shaped, I shall duly update you all with photos of my near-success.

I had with me a year-old sketch pad and a tube with some ill-selected drawings hastily rolled up and brought along.

Ideal Brown opted to print my blind kitten - a design initially intended to go onto a t-shirt. (nice idea at the time, I guess) I selected Death from Death Finds Chloe simply because the fine lines were super dark and more likely to show up in the final stages of the project.

I met a really nice girl called Yvonne. I suspect that she's wildly intelligent, which I like. Maybe some of her clever will rub off on me.

She decided to redraw some Zebra arses from a holiday snap taken some undisclosed amount of time ago.

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